About Us

About Us

Pet: “Psst… someone’s here!”
CutePawPaw: “Who? Me?” (Stares in front) 


Oh! Hi there! Welcome to CutePawPaw! CutePawPaw aims to serve pet lovers the best we could! We make sure that we bridge you to the best variety, quality and loveliness of goods which both you and paw-mates could have! And….(flipping through the papers on the table)


(Whispers) Pet: “Oh come on! Be professional!”
(Whispers) CutePawPaw: “I am trying. I am just...just...Oh found it!”


And to serve you better, CutePawPaw is open to advice and recommendation from you, our fellow pet lovers! Anything you would like to have? Let us know! You name it, we find it! Furthermore, CutePawPaw is one big lovely community for pet lovers to share the experience, latest and greatest pet trends, news and advice with peers - all while shopping from the largest variety of unique products!


CutePawPaw: “And…(Whispers) That’s all right?”
(Happy Face) Pet: “Yippee!”


And that’s all about us! Enjoy shopping in the store! Have fun and wish you a happy day always!