Pet In Trend Capsule Trolley


This Dog Cat Travel Transport Bag is on trend now! Grab one for your pet, I believe you will be the attention on the street!

Product name: pet trolley case
Product material: PVC
Feature: Breathable, transparent
Capacity: Pets within 18 kg (cats and dogs)

1.360° panoramic field of view
2. Not easy to deform
3. High quality material
4. Lovely shape
5. Silent bottom wheel
6.Large space
7. Available in all seasons
8. Comfortable and breathable

Package Included
1*Pet trolley case

1. When preparing to go out, let the cat familiarize yourself with the box in advance, and usually try to put the box where the cat can see it so that it understands that it is part of the home. You can use some toys or snacks to reward the cat for entering the backpack or trolley box.
2. Keep the cat on an empty stomach before going out and feed the cat three hours in advance. This can reduce the cat's motion sickness, vomiting, defecation, fear of the outside world and other behaviors.
3. Some pets will experience motion sickness, tongue licking, drooling, vomiting, etc., which are common phenomena of pet motion sickness. You can purchase motion sickness medicine in advance.