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January 04, 2022 3 min read

Hey there! Are you looking for the "pawfect" gift for cat lovers? 

It is always not an easy feat to pick a gift, especially when there's a theme. A unique cat-themed gift spurs more joy in cat lovers than that they will actually use; Sometimes, the other way round! We feel you readers! That's why we've categorized the gifts into list of different purposes, for different types of purpose! We hope the suggestions may be of use to you!

And here, we have the Casual theme!


It is undeniable that most of our time are spent on casualwear, be it at home, hanging out, chilling, or working from home during this pandemic period. A unique cat-themed casualwear gift is definitely the safest and most practical way of gifting!

For Her

Casualwear for women? Not a problem! As we all know, there is always supply for women's fashion! Various varieties, from Blouse to T-Shirts; various designs from cute to cool. Here are some of the best gift ideas for you!

1. Summer Happy Cat Shirt

One of the the best gifts for any cat lady. The shirt can be worn at home, when hanging out with friends or simply a perfect match for summer by the beach. On top of that, the shirt can also be matched with an inner top, leading to a different fashion style. The omnipotent potential of the Happy Cat Shirt is what makes it one of the perfect gifts!

2. Yin Yang Cat T-Shirt

Do you know what we wear the most casually? Exactly! It's T-Shirt! T-Shirt is definitely one of the best gifts for casualwear. 

This Yin Yang Cat T-Shirt, designed with 2 cats, black and white forming a Yin Yang pattern, is one of the best-sellers of all time! The special design not only attracts people attention, it also shows the owners' love towards cats!

3. Women Cat Tops Series

If the Yin Yang Cat T-Shirt above is not for you, here's a series of tops for you! Printed with 5 designs, each unique enough to fit into different recipients' interest! Do click into the link at the title to have a look inside😉

4. Vintage Cat Blouse / Vintage Cat Print Blouse

These Vintage + Korean style Cat Blouses might also be good fits for cat ladies. Ask yourself, do you often see cat tops designed in vintage style? Seldom! These two cat blouses definitely worth given as a gift! Not only that, it's easy to match! You can match it with a skirt or a long skirt, not to mention, a pair of jeans, which everyone has it in their cabinet!

5. Cute Cat Ear Romper Hoodie

Last but not least, if you just want a casual wear at home, check out this cute cat ear romper hoodie! Keep you warm and cute at the same time. This romper hoodie lets you be you while you at home😉.

For Him

Conversely, it is relatively simple for guys' fashion. There is less variety and design for guys' fashion as compared to women's fashion. We tried our best to find the best for the readers and here are some of the best suggestions we have! 

1. Hanging Cat Men T-shirt

Not interested in the simple art just now? This T-Shirt may arouse your interest! Featured with a cat hanging onto the collar. This T-Shirt is suitable for guys who have a good sense of humor. The T-shirt design, while not shadowing the masculinity, it highlights the humorous personality while showing the owners' passion for cats! Great gift for a guy cat lover! Comes with 4 different colors to chose from.

2. Cat Kiss Butterfly Men T-shirt

What? You want something with a little more flashy? Then you must check this out! Featured with a huge black cat poking its head out from the left, kissing a butterfly. Flashy design while showing the masculinity trait, the T-shirt is suitable for guys who like an eye-catching T-shirt design! Comes with 3 different colors.

3. Cute Cats Men T-shirt

What? You prefer a cuter cat design? Well we got it covered😝! The design featured with the element of cuteness, and a little naughtiness. Suitable for any guy, or someone who have an cute, active and outspoken personality! Comes with 3 colors to choose from!

4. Cartoon Cat Knitted Sweater

Last but not least, the knitted sweater! Sweater is suitable in all kinds of occasion and it can match with different kinds of shirt. The design is suitable for cat lovers who are a little low-profile. This sweater is definitely one of the best gifts for matured guys or elderlies who love cats!


And that sums up the gift ideas for casualwear. If you are reading this, we thank you for your patience and interest in reading the articles. We hope the article is helpful for you in looking for a gift for your peers, besties, friends, family members or your valentines! 



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